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Team Kirimachi Ramen

KIRIMACHI RAMEN  Leo Gondoputro / Febry Arnold  -

Jakarta native Leonardi “Leo” Gondoputro began his ramen obsession early on when he would travel to Japan with family. After spending years in business and hospitality school, and ramen training in Japan, Leo was determined to redefine the traditional version of this popular Japanese dish.

Both Leo and his wife-partner Febry enjoy an active lifestyle and disliked the fullness that lingered long after the last slurp. Leo spent two years perfecting his ramen broths, including his light and creamy Tonkotsu.

POTTER  Thomas Arakawa, Arakawa Pottery

Thomas handcrafted all of the beautifully ceramic bowls that hold Kirimachi's ramen.

PHOTOGRAPHER  Adrian Stefanus  -

Adrian took all the great photos on this site, unless otherwise noted.

FLORIST  Christina Yi

Christina created the flower arrangements seen throughout Kirimachi.


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We are located at the corner of Clay and Davis Streets.

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